BRA Birth Experts TALK! #12 Di Bustamante

Name: Di Bustamante

Location: AZ USA

Name of your business/group/your role/job: ParentLink

Twitter and facebook handles: ParentLink


Why do you love all things pregnancy birth and baby?:

Personal experiences brought me down this road.

What brought you to this line of work? My own births

What does your work involve and why do you feel it’s so important? I am the director of ParentLink with 3 locations worldwide – please see my website for all services offered. It is important because birth matters. It is the legacy we instill in our children, right from the start – it is affecting the health of the future generations to come.

What is the most important piece of advice you would give a pregnant woman?: Learn all your options so you can make informed choices.

What is the most important piece of advice you would give a new mum?: Follow your instincts

Do you have any great tips for childbirth or a ‘must have?’: Mothers role on birthing day is to labour and birth – the dad’s set the pace for the birth and are responsible for to keep the mother feeling safe, loved, uninhibited, warm and that she have privacy.

What is your personal birth philosophy?: It is a normal physiological event, not a medical incident.

What are your thoughts on preparing for childbirth?: Take an independent class out of the hospital to learn all your options that empowers parents to trust birth.

Your top tips for getting back to work after birth and working around your family?: Dunstan Baby Language….

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