BRA Birth Experts TALK! #13 Leslie Stager

Name: Leslie Stager RN, LMT

Location: Hawaii, Oregon, Maine USA

Name of your business/group/your role/job: Owner of Touch For Birth


Twitter and facebook handles:

Why do you love all things pregnancy birth and baby?

The cycle of pregnancy, birthing, and mothering is a potent time when the veils between worlds have thinned. In most original cultures, the mother was recognized as being in closer access to Spirit, Source, Life Force, the Divine… whatever you may call it. Helping her walk between those worlds, retrieve her baby, and transition from one identity to another as she births herself into motherhood, and helping baby transition into this earth-world/air-world, is an experience that can’t be duplicated. I love it!

What brought you to this line of work?

Long ago on my own rite of passage, I was given clarity that my work would circle around Earth, Birth, & Death. That all led me to become labor & delivery nurse, doula, birth educator, perinatal massage specialist, along with hospice nurse and wilderness rites of passage guide.

What does your work involve and why do you feel it’s so important?

My work is educating massage therapists and birth professionals in supportive touch techniques that can ease and enhance women’s, baby, and partners perinatal experience

What is the most important piece of advice you would give a pregnant woman?

LISTEN to and nurture the wisdom of your body. And set up ahead of time support systems for your postnatal time, so that people will be bringing you food, and helping you with chores, so you can focus on baby and your renewal.

What is the most important piece of advice you would give a new mum?

REST!!! EAT nourishing Foods. ANd LISTEN to your baby and your body. Take all the time in the world to get to know your baby and yourself now, before venturing out into the world again.


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